Our vision is to be an Argentinean institution that promotes environmental education and knowledge to build an environmentally responsible and socially cooperative society. Also, promote the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).*



❖ To provide the necessary information and knowledge to become aware of socio-environmental problems.

❖ To disclose responsible habits, customs and attitudes in relation to environmental protection.

❖ To empower the development of people with disabilities. Promote environmental education using their social-labour inclusion, reducing the multiple barriers they face and the lack of opportunities and support.

❖ To educate society as environmentally responsible citizens.

❖ To develop and/or collaborate on environmental education programs.

❖ To share and spread our ethical commitment but also our right to a healthier environment, from the environmental and social point of view.

❖ To collaborate with the fulfillment of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.To push for the incorporation of the principles of environmental stewardship into private corporations.

❖ To advise private companies based in Argentina about the UN  Sustainable Development Goals and collaborate with them in the implementation.


●       Education

●       Inclusion

●       Technical assistance

●       Natural construction & Organic agriculture

●       Intercultural management and development

●       Fair trade and tourism for all