Our team is the most valuable part of the Foundation! Most of our local staff is people (between 16-25 years old) with neurological disabilities (autism, maturational delays, PDD, etc) and they are constantly motivated to conduct different projects. We call them “Guardianes del Ambiente”. They give awareness about environmental good practices. They are involved in all the activities/projects and they are responsible for teaching and showing their work to the communities and also to local and foreign volunteers.

In addition, they receive an economic stimulus every time they conduct a workshop. This action facilitate their inclusion ,empowering themselves, interacting with others, discovering their abilities, affirming their self-esteem, nurturing their confidence, recognizing themselves as social actors and acquiring tools to insert themselves into the labour market.

Foreign volunteers and interns are also very valuable! We love working with them and we really appreciate all their help.

We enjoy the cultural exchange and learning new languages! We love it when they shared their knowledge and experiences. Definitely, they make us happy!