Newsan Group

Grupo Newsan is the leading group in Argentina in the production, marketing and distribution of consumer electronics and home appliances. They have a staff of over 6,600 employees working in 8 industrial plants and 3 logistics centers, with a wide variety of brands and products. In 2014,  they decided to diversify its business and broaden its horizons by investing in the fishing industry. Seafood’s core activities are developed in the Patagonia region and it operates in its five plants located in Comodoro Rivadavia, Trelew, Puerto Madryn and Ushuaia.

Grupo Newsan believe in a sustainable business model not only aiming at economic growth, but also at encouraging people’s development and at reducing production environmental impact. In this way, they guarantee balance between business performance and community progress in three aspects: economic, social and environmental.

Since 2015, Fundación Chacras de Buenos Aires facilitates the responsible management of waste at Grupo Newsan.

The “Guardianes del Ambiente” already  taught to 600 employees about the responsible management of organic waste and created “composteras” specially designed for their offices. 3 times per week, the guardians and the volunteers remove the organic waste, which will be then used in the different orchards.

As a result of this innovative management, Grupo Newsan obtained a LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification and obtained a top quality score from the BA City Control Agency. In addition, they decided to copy this model in their branch located in Ushuaia with their 4000 employees.  For this purpose, the foundation conducted a four-month local training to create a group of “Guardianes del Ambiente” and replicate the successful case of Buenos Aires.