We facilitate inclusion in positive feedback loops where private sector leadership and bold government policies reinforce each other

The good companies join and we go together a zero carbon future.

We measure the current carbon footprint and develop participatory strategies to reduce it, accompanying the management.

In practice: aligning the business with global objectives

We facilitate aligning the green strategies of the corporation with the World Goals developing tailored strategies, appropriate to the context of each company.

How to make the business adapt to the future

The companies that are recognized with a greater ambition, obtains greater benefits.

For those companies that are already pursuing emission reduction objectives, strategies are designed with a new level of ambition tending to generate innovative solutions, and have a positive impact that goes beyond what they can achieve on their own.

Companies that are now joining good practices are informed on how to identify and prioritize the most relevant SDG objectives for the company, and how to define the content of their reports related to the SDGs in alignment with global principles and standards.

The good companies are presented to the GOVERNMENT ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION AGENCY, they are facilitated to complete the self-assessment process and the obtaining of integral management stamps.

The GIRO certification has the institutional sponsorship of the Secretariat of Environment and Sustainable Development of the Argentine Republic and promotes the reduction, reuse and recycling of waste.

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