Eco Construction Workshop

Recycling is very important, we propose doing it starting with creating our own game material. With the recycling of objects and utensils varied in our games we help the conservation of the environment, and the best use of resources. In this way, the art of recycling becomes the art of playing, generating game options, while creating a social conscience tending to control excessive consumption and weakening the usual practice of using and throwing.

The term eco construction refers to the use of materials and practices that respect the environment in planning, design, location, construction, operation

Alternative for the construction of houses of social interest and priority. It applies both on a large scale in the renovation and refurbishment of pre-existing buildings, the construction of new buildings, and on a smaller scale in demonstration buildings to appropriate the technique or for its initial knowledge

Constructive developments that can range from flowerbeds for gardens and gardens, pet scoops, children’s dollhouses, to rural schools, homes or community spaces for various activities, always using the mix of eco-bricks and ancestral bioconstruction techniques. United Nations Program, buildings are one of the main reasons for the deterioration of the global environment being responsible for half of global energy use, producing 40% of greenhouse gas emissions, 20% of solid waste and consuming 25% of drinking water. Due to this circumstance, “Eco construction” is becoming a new construction trend using innovative design, renewable materials, ecological technology and energy efficiency.

Taste and enjoy the development of games and toys. Development of imagination and creativity through the constructive development of handmade toys using eco-bricks as raw material. Resource for teachers, for personal use, to give or donate. Very entertaining and creative activity. Project for children, youth and adults building toys with recycled materials.

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