This workshop will introduce you to techniques that will allow you to create a space of your own where you can cultivate, nurture and produce your own organic food, free of pesticides and herbicides. Also, learn the benefits of making and using compost to produce nutritious fruits and vegetables and information about irrigation and maintenance of gardens.

This workshop can be held in schools, hospitals, houses, companies, sidewalks, terraces…almost anywhere!

Tends to gather, share and learn relevant and enriching information about self-production of organic foods, native plants, and nutrition  that strengthens the community as a whole.

Previous knowledge and experience not required.


In this workshop, an upcycling artist teaches you how to create upcycled metal sculptures, lamps, ornaments, among other things, from scrap steel. Materials are reused in a clever new way, giving them a second life and function.

Attention participants! Your scrap collection is vital; so don’t be afraid to bring any random objects you can find, even if you don’t have a “vision” for it right away. You might not think you can create with it, but eventually, all those choices come it handy.

This workshop takes place at La Boca neighborhood and also can be held in any institution, on request and on an itinerant basis.

Tends to upcycling things, taking something that’s considered waste and repurposing it. Upcycling is a creative process where waste is looked at as a resource.

Previous knowledge and experience not required. Imagination is a plus!


Constructive development of houses, ovens and stoves using adobe-bricks and bio-construction techniques.

This workshop can be held in rural areas, on request and on an itinerant basis.

Tends to comply with the principle of zero waste.